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Booking Agent Secrets - Timing

Timing is everything. It’s really that simple. When you are trying to get an entertainment director or booking agent to hire you, reaching out to them at the perfect time will probably get you booked. I hate to admit this, but I know I didn’t book some good acts in the past because I wasn’t...


Booking Agent Secrets - Get Referred

I was going through some notes, trying to figure out what I should share next, and I kept coming back to this. As I thought about it more and more, I realized how powerful this technique is for entertainers to use in getting hired. This one technique has worked on me numerous times. I booked...


Booking Agent Secrets - Email

Never in my wildest dreams did I realize how poorly I (and other entertainers) was using email to contact Entertainment Directors, until I became one. Holy smokes! Most entertainers do a terrible job of using email. As the former Entertainment Director of House of Cards in Nashville, TN,...